WAR AND TERROR ~ It is undeniable that there is a tiny segment of modern-day Muslims who commit terrorist acts. This is actually a new phenomenon that Islam had not seen until the 20th century. The consensus of everyone from Islamic scholars to the U.S. government is that these terrorists are small in number and that their religious interpretations are unsupported. These extremists do, however, have a huge impact on the perception of Islam and its followers. In an age where it only takes one person to create havoc, it is easy to create news. This problem is not exclusive to Islam: people like Anders Breivik, a Christian Terrorist, also engaged in a campaign of terror that was fed by a twisted religious conviction, but terror groups claiming Islamic sanction have come to dominate the public discourse on the subject. The following section will take chapters in the Quran that are used by these “Muslim” terrorists and attempt to place them in more complete context.