CHAPTER ONE ~ Science and Discovery / Life and Death / The Day of Judgement

CHAPTER TWO ~ The Original Message / Jesus in Islam Humans’ Relation to God / Heaven and Hell / Action Versus Belief

CHAPTER THREE~ Islam and Others / The Concept of Freedom / Christianity and Judaism in Islam

CHAPTER FOUR ~ Women in the Time of Muhammad Addressing Women in Islam / Women, Finances and Rights / The Modern Reality / Women, Islam and Controversy / Modesty, Veils and Headscarves Polygamy / Virgins / Inheritance and Women in the Quran / Women as Witnesses in the Quran / Female Circumcision / Women in the Mosque

CHAPTER FIVE ~ Justice / Good Character / Treatment of Animals / Animals and Food

CHAPTER SIX ~ The Spiritual and The Material / Science Versus Religion

CHAPTER SEVEN ~ Muslim Countries and Government Punishment in a Real Islamic Society / Islamic Government

CHAPTER EIGHT ~ War and Terror / Jihad / Terrorism Conclusion

CHAPTER NINE ~ The Five Pillars of Islam / A Final Note on the Pillars / What is Forbidden

CHAPTER TEN ~ Muhammad’s Life